In the fall of 2016, I found a home in Madison, WI with the educational game development studio Filament Games. Working at the intersection of education, software development, and entertainment, Filament provided me with a rich experience in not only the process of video game development, but with the rigorous and thoughtful application of game-based learning techniques. As a Producer, I led numerous projects from conception to release with teams of exceptionally talented developers and wonderful clients such as Oculus, iCivics, Scholastic, and Publications Intl.

Percussionist & Sound Artist

My undergraduate studies at Montana State University afforded me a solid foundation in the creative use of digital media. There I obtained a B.A. in Music Technology with a minor in Photography. I also performed as principle percussionist for each of the university’s top ensembles and held the section leader role for the Spirit of the West Drumline.

I then went on to complete a MMus in Sonic Art at the University of Calgary studying under Laurie Radford, David Eagle, and Ken Fields. There my work focused on multichannel sound-based music and network music performance. My research in network music has been performed internationally between Canada, China, and USA and was demonstrated at the International Computer Music Conference in 2015 and the NowNet Arts Conference in 2018.

At Filament Games, I worked in collaboration with Lead Sound Designer and Composer Josh Bartels on sound design for a number of games, editing countless voice-over files, and managing the studio-wide Audio/Video pipeline.